“Chagu Chagu Umako” is one of the most famous early summer event not only around Morioka but all around Japan. It’s a parade with about a hundred horses wearing coloful clothes and bells.

All horses in the parade are not race horses but farm horses. It comes from the origin of the parade. It’s said that the parade first started for showing farmers’ gratitude to their horses. Because farming without farm horses was almost impossible a few hundreds years ago when the parade started. That’s why the horses are so decorated beautifully.

Here are some photos of the parade I took. And I also put a link to a youtube movie of 2018 parade. “Chagu Chagu Umako” is chosen as one of “100 Soundscapes of Japan” by Japanese government. I would like you to enjoy the sound of the bells, from which the name of the parade “chagu chagu” comes.




Just one photo. Hope you like it.

My last post was the photo of Mt.Iwate in the evening. This time, the photo is in the daytime.

I felt such blue sky without any clouds could be seen mainly in winter. It’s very few moment in spring season.

Today I found a photo taken about three months ago. In the photo, snow on roofs of houses can be seen. But, as you know, it’s not the main subject of the photo 🙂

It’s not cherry blossoms season, so there are no blossoms in this photo.

Without cherry blossoms, the rock-splitting cherry tree is still beautiful to see.

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