I can say I like Mt.Iwate, the highest mountain in Iwate Prefecture. Also, I know that I like sunset scene and beautiful sky.

One day I had so wonderful moment for which I could not find any words to express.

Thanks to this good luck of chance of this unbelievable scene. I heartily would like all of you to click the photo for a larger one.

As I posted before, the rock-splitting cherry tree is one of the most famous cherry tree in Morioka. Now the tree is in full bloom 🙂

I hear that this cherry tree becomes full bloom earliest around Morioka. So it shows a season of cherry blossoms’ coming. I hope I could take and post more photos of cherry scenes.

A few days ago, I posted about Rock-splitting cherry tree. There was NO cherry blossoms on the tree at that time, but I could see some in a photo below.

As compared to the last photo, the cherry tree became slightly pink with blossoms like this.

It just starts to bloom and I’m looking forward to the tree “Ishiwarizakura” in full bloom.

The Rock-splitting cherry tree or “Ishi-wari sakura” is one of the most famous cherry tree in Morioka and Iwate Prefecture. Explaining the name in Japanese language, “ishi” means a rock and “wari” means to split. “sakura” shows a cherry tree. So, it’s the Rock splitting cherry tree.

The name comes from its unique place from where the tree grows. The cherry tree is out from a crack of big granite rock! The width of the crack seems just about 10 cm or about 4 inches and it’s so surprising to see  the cherry tree which is approximately 10 meters or about 30 feet in height grows out.

Here is a photo of the tree on Apr.14th. You can see NO cherry blossoms 😦

There are a plum-tree next to the cherry and this is a photo of buds of the plum. Yes, it’s still buds.

I’m willing to post photos of the Rock-splitting cherry tree or other cherry blossoms as much as I can.

A map below displays the place of the cherry tree.

I usually post photos of Mt.Iwate, the highest mountain in Iwate Prefecture, with panoramic perspective. At the same time, I know that human’s eyes are very good zoom lens. Here is a photo of Mt.Iwate, in which the mountain looks the same as that in my feelings. (click for the larger photo)

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