I have no idea how many Tesla motor’s electric vehicles are in Morioka. But, acording to the photo I took in Morioka, there would be some.


It’s good season to enjoy trees with Autumn color leaves at any places in downtown Morioka as this photo shows.

There is a park just in the middle of downtown Morioka and lot of tall trees were there like a photo below.

When checking the condition of these trees, it’s found out that trees were too old and it could fall down by strong wind, etc. The manager of the park has no choice but hew down these trees.

It’s sorry to see the scene. I hope some other greens would come here.

It’s reported that Mt.Iwate had the first snow on top of that. In downtown, it’s good time to enjoy watching Autumn-color leaves. I’m going to post photos of these scene later.

This photo was taken a few months ago. I know how I like Mt.Iwate in the evening 🙂

A few weeks ago, I visited Iwate Prefecural library and found this:

These tapestries are made by “Washi”, Japanese paper. It looks so beautiful, doesn’t it?

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