Big Earthquake Hits Northeastern Japan [2021.2]

On February 13th, northeastern Japan including Morioka, Iwate was hit by big earthquake. According to meteorological agency, it’s the biggest since 2011 northeastern Japan earthquake and tsunami.

There are a lot of damaged houses, large landslides, injured people reported, but it’s also reported that these damages are not so serious like 2011. Talking about Morioka, it’s fortunate that there is not so many notable damages around Morioka according to local news.

Here is a link to news site by NHK, one of the biggest broadcasting company in Japan.

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Introducing Winter Activities In Iwate [2021.2]

I found a very interesting web site in which a lot of information around Iwate prefecture which is good for tourists can be found.

First, I’d like to start the post from the title of this site, “Iwate & The ILC”. What is “The ILC”. It’s an abbreviation from “The International Linear Collider”. Ok, so what is “linear collider”?

It’s a facility related to particle physics science. This facility accelerates two particles, an electron, a proton, a neutron, etc and makes them collide. After the collision, tons of sensors and monitors observe the reaction, what types of particles are left behind, how much energy are made or used, etc. The word “linear” means how to accelerate these particles. Some colliders use round-shape way to accelerate them, some use linear-way.

Umm, “The ILC” means “the international linear collider”. It’s about physics…so, why “IWATE & The ILC”?

You may imagine the ILC could be a big ineranational science project. Yes, it’s big and international. In fact, the place where to construct the ILC is TBD, does not determined yet. But, according to scientists who strongly push the project, Kitakami mountain range in Iwate prefecture is one of the perfect place to make the facility and Iwate prefectural government have been trying to get the project.

Finally, you may find why the name of the site is “Iwate & The ILC”, why the information page title is “Kitakami times”. Now please enjoy the articles. I made links introducing winter activities in Iwate.

“Some lesser known winter activities in Iwate!”

“Three Things to Look Forward To In The Cold Iwate Mountains!”