Cloud In Hot Summer [2021.7]

According to local meteorological agency, we’re having the hottest summer days in decades. Healthcare agencies have made announcements that it’s recommended to take masks off under sufficient social distances for avoiding heat strokes.

Though it’s difficult to show how hot it is, the photo below could provide the atmosphere.

Visiting Traditional Japanese Bar In Kamaishi [2021.7]

“Kamaishi” is the name of the city located in coastal area in Iwate Prefecture. Here is a map.

A few weeks ago, I visited the city by my business trip and had a chance to enjoy good local Japanese sake at good local Japanese style bar 🙂

Kamaishi city was hit by 2011 northeastern Japan big earthquake and tsunami. Almost all the houses and buildings were wiped out and has still been struggling to reconstruct. This is a reason why a photo below shows small, independent building, which is the bar I went.

Stepping into the bar and looking around, you could notice it’s traditional Japanese style bar.

As expected, traditional Japanese bar has huge variety of Japanese sake.

It’s very unique that this bar provided information card on Kamaishi local sake brewery, “Hamachidori” in English. I put photos of the cards with bigger size than usual hoping you could read them.

The last photo of this post should be a Japanese sake bottle and a glass of sake 🙂