First Covid-19 Case Confirmed In Iwate [2020.8]

Morioka city is located in Iwate Prefecture, northern Japan. In these covid-19 pandemic situation, there was no case in Iwate. Yes, it “was”.

Iwate Pref. government office announced that there are four confirmed case by August 2nd. The image below is the screenshot of information page made by Iwate It’s not updated as quick as Japanese information page and just three cases are on the page but could still be useful.

I heartily hope the number of the case would not raise so fast.

Here is a link to covid-19 information page in Iwate Pref. official site in English.

Mt.Iwate Behind Building [2020.7]

According to weather news, we have very few days without rain fall in this July. Though July is rainy season in Japan, it’s so unusual. This means I could have very few chances taking photos of Mt.Iwate, etc.

The building in the photo below is Iwate Museum of Art. It would be happy for me if you could find not only the unique style with wide and flat silhouette of this building but small Mt.Iwate on the right side of it 🙂