Weeping Willow [2019.10]

It’s mid October. Winter is about to come around Morioka. So, I think I should post some photos taken in Autumn 🙂

This time, it’s a weeping willow.


First Snow On Mt.Iwate [2019.10]

Morioka local meteorological observatory announced that there was the first snow fall on top of Mt.Iwate and I was lucky to take a photo of it.

I think it’s the area at the top of the mountain slightly colored in white. It would be gone soon but it shows winter has been coming.

Autumn Cloud [2019.9]

September has gone, mostly and we’re in the middle of autumn in Morioka. Though I don’t have any special knowledge on meteorology, I’m going to post two typical Japanese autumn cloud photos.


Scale cloud


Note: I might be wrong naming them 😦 I should post photos which is just beautiful to see next time 🙂