“Morioka Wine Festival” is, as the name shows, a festival for wine fans not only in Morioka but in Iwate Prefecture or more. It’s also a charity event for 2011 East-Japan great earthquake and tsunami victims. The festival was held every year after the earthquake and tsunami, so it’s 7th fes in year 2017.

In the festival, guests are able to enjoy every wines just with one ticket fee, 4000 yen. And the ticket includes one special wine glass. Can you believe this?

I could attend the fes and these are photos.

Here I would like to put links to local wine makers above. I’m so proud that we have so many fine wine makers around Morioka.

And here is a link to the organizers’ page of “Morioka Wine Festival” 1, 2. I am looking forward to attend the festival in 2018 🙂

As you know, the most important point to enjoy beautiful sunset scenes is the time. It’s much better if there are clouds, not so many clouds. And it would be unexpectedly lucky with some accents like vapor trail, a moon and so forth.

Is it impossible to have such occasion? I don’t think so :-). (click for a larger photo)

“Chagu Chagu Umako” horse parade is one of the most attractive early summer event around Morioka. It’s a parade of about a-hundred horses from Takizawa city, located west of Morioka, to Morioka.

The horses are not types of race horse but farming horses. It’s said that the origin of this parade is to show farmers’ appreciation to their farming horses. Colorful clothes the horses wear are also from farmers’ gratefulness.

Here are photos of the parade. There were many people, locals and tourists watching the parade, though it’s rain unfortunately.

Where the name “Chagu Chagu Umako” comes from? “umako” is a kind of diarect around Morioka which means a horse in English. “chagu chagu” expresses sounds of bells which the horses wear. You hear the sound in this youtube video.

Mt.Iwate is the highest mountain in Iwate Prefecture, so we can see lots of snow on the mountain even in early summer. Now that it’s June, Mt.Iwate shows different look. (click for a larger photo)

In fact, this is a photo taken about a month ago and Mt.Iwate was still covered with snow at that time. (click for a larger photo)

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