Visiting Himekami Wind Park [2021.5]

Can you see something in the middle of this photo?

It would be too difficult to see. How about this?

Recently I found that there is a wind power plant near Morioka, “Himekami wind park”. “himekami” is the name of the mountain, by the way. A few days ago, I visited the park.

I’ve never seen the wind power plant before. It’s so huge and the sound of the blades was not so loud but very strong and heavy.

When taking the photo, I looked around many times if there were information board as “Restriction area”, “It’s not allowed to enter”, etc. I could not find any sign board of this kind and thougt it’s OK to go this close to the tower 🙂

As the first picture shows, there are nine towers in this wind power plant. All of them can be seen from Morioka city but it can’t from the mountain.

I put two links to web sites. Here is a link to this wind park page in “eco Morioka”, Morioka city hall’s web site. And here is a link to photo gallery of this wind park of a wind power plant construction company’s site. (Unfortunately both pages are in Japanese language only)

Mt.Iwate Still Covered With Snow [2021.5]

The photo in this post was taken about a month ago. The snow which coveres the mountain is currently going to be gone, but it was still beautiful to see at that time.

Because it looked beautiful, this picture is a little bit bigger than my usual post. I hope you enjoy it 🙂