Here is another photo from my first stroll in 2018.


It’s difficult to find time to do something special recently by some reason. What I could do is just strolling around. Here is a photo (yes, “a” photo of stroll).

This is how I spent new year’s eve. With white wine “Le Briseau 2008” from Domaine Le Briseau. It was wonderful.

Now we are in 2018 in Japan and it’s time to say “Happy New Year”. I knew year 2018 will be a good year for us all.

It might be better to post something “brighter” than the photo below. I hope you’re interested in the story that this photo was taken under the moon light. (click for a larger photo)

How do you prepare for Christmas? I bought wines for Christmas, Year-End party and Newyear party 🙂

One day, I found that owls were also looking forward to Christmas.

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