“Ishigaki Music Festival” is, as the name shows, a festival of music held at the center of downtown Morioka. “ishigaki” means stone wall in Japanese language and the reason the fes has this name is that the place of the fes is a site of about 300-year-old castle. Today buildings of the castle are gone and just stone wall is left, but it’s still a good green place in downtown Morioka like Central Park in NY.

“Ishigaki Music Festival” in 2016 will be held on September 18th and there are 10 places for music performances. Main stage is at the site of the castle, now called Iwate Park, and other 9 stages are also located in downtown Morioka in walking distance. The great thing is that all stages are free of charge, you don’t need to buy any kind of tickets 🙂

The official site of “Ishigaki Music Festival” is here. Unfortunately all the site is in Japanese language only, so I put direct link to area map page, coming artists page, time table page and access information page with google map.

For me, I prefer not so noisy music. But if you like these kind of music, please come hear the sound and enjoy Morioka.

Here is a youtube video of the fes.