“Emperor’s cup all Japan football championship” is the biggest soccer tournament in Japan. We have Japanese professional soccer league, J-league, but Emperor’s cup is open tournament for every soccer team in Japan, local clubs, high school or university clubs, corporates’ soccer clubs and professional clubs. 3rd-category of J league, J3, clubs and amateur clubs have to win preliminaries in each prefectures to go to finals and “Grulla Morioka”, a Morioka based J3 league club, represents all clubs in Iwate Prefecture this year.

In Emperor’s cup, “Grulla Morioka” won the 1st-round match against a university club and had the 2nd-round match with “Vegalta Sendai”, a Sendai city based J1 league club. And the result is 5-2 win!!! Unbelievable!!!

I saw the game on tv. It’s a wonderful and amazing game. “Grulla Morioka” overcame “Vegalta Sendai” in every aspect, offense, defense, hard work etc. I hear that it’s the first time for clubs representing Iwate to win twice in Emperor’s cup. Isn’t it great?

The next match is with a corporates’ club on September 22nd. I really hope “Grulla Morioka” will get 3rd win.

Here is a link to “Grulla Morioka” official site. (Japanese language only)

Here is a link to Emperor’s trophy tournament official site in English.