“Baeren Brewery” is a micro brewery based in Morioka and makes very good German-style beer. They have a beer pub at Zaimoku-chou street, where “Yo-ichi” street market is held, so I visit the street market sometimes and enjoy “Baeren” beer. It’s really fun.

It seems that I’m not the only one who like “Baeren”. I’ve heard that “Baeren Brewery” and eight other breweries were chosen as “Japanese craft beer to be introduced to the world” by JBJA, Japan Beer Journalists Association. That’s great!

One more great thing is that these beers including “Baeren” were served at “Japan Craft Beer Night” event by FCCJ, The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan. That’s awesome!

Now I can say we have the beer which should be introduced to the world in Morioka and people in Morioka enjoy such great beer everyday. How was that? If you have a chance to visit Morioka, you must try “Baeren Brewery”.

Here is a link to the site of JBJA. (Japanese language only)

Here is a link to the site of FCCJ. (Japanese and English)

Here is a link to “Baeren Brewery” official site. (Japanese language only)

And here is a map of “Beer Pub Baeren Zaimoku-chou”, the nearest Baeren’s pub from Morioka station and the easiest place for tourists.