“Iwate Snow Festival” is one of the biggest festival during winter season around Morioka. This festival is held at Koiwai Farm in Shizukuishi town in the west of Morioka and, because of the farm’s large area, you can enjoy seeing many snow statues, sleds races, stalls of local dishes and even fireworks in the night. These are the reason why it’s the biggest winter event.

I’m sorry but all the official site of the festival are in Japanese language only. I hope these links will be useful.

  • Top page of the official site is here.
  • Time schedule of the event page is here.
  • How-to-go-to-the-event information page is here.
  • PDF brochure download page is here.
  • Blog of making snow statues is here.

And here is a map for Koiwai Farm.