“Zaimoku-cho Yoichi” is one of  the most famous street market in Morioka and is held on every Saturdays from April to November. “Zaimoku-cho” is the name of the street where it’s held and “yoichi” is the name of the event itself.

From 2014 “Yoichi”, “Belleville”, one of the best and my most favorite wine bar in Morioka, becomes a member of the market and many wines can be provided by the glass. Here is one interesting photo of the scene around “Belleville”:


Wine bottles are in the water bucket with thermometer. What “Belleville” does is to control the temperature of wines. I think this kind of scene is rare around any street markets because it’s usually held outdoor and people at the market usually don’t care of the temperature of wines.

In fact, it’s difficult to say it’s overdone or not. But this is the reason why I like “Belleville” the most.